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Joffa's Toon School

TOONSCHOOL is Australia's number one school incursion for Primary and Secondary school students.

Constantly being developed to meet the ever increasing needs of staff and students, since it's inception in 1996, the highly interactive TOONSCHOOL sessions are designed to give students and staff the skills to express themselves in new and exciting ways using the art of cartooning.

As a result, the more than 350,000 students who have experienced TOONSCHOOL have realised a greater sense of self esteem and self confidence and have developed skills in the areas of respect, empathy and resilience.

This is achieved by Jeff's unique approach to working with students and teachers in a positive and fun manner.

Jeff's ability to engage EVERY student and develop a quick rapport with them results in a high level of success and 100% in positive outcomes.

TOONSCHOOL is now seen as a valuable and diverse School resource and has been awarded the prestigious "Frater Award" by the N.S.W Dep't of Education and is highly rated by the Victorian Education Department, Education Queensland, the Western Australian Education Department and numerous other educational facilities.

It is a program we are very proud of, and judging by the constant stream of mail and positive feedback we receive, the program is highly regarded by all the students and staff that have experienced it.

Jeff works with students in groups of 50 – 60 maximum – as the program is so interactive - and usually runs three sessions per day.


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