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More than 350,000 students and staff have experienced the TOONSCHOOL workshops Jeff has presented in schools throughout Australia, building Self Esteem and Self Confidence and a sense of renewed resilience with them.

As a result he now works closely with several publishing groups creating unique Teacher Resource material aimed at achieving the same result in written form.

A special selection of these products is now available through this website.

The class sets of "Joffa – The World's greatest Cartooning Books 1 & 2" are cleverly disguised student motivation books – written specifically for students at the request of parents and carers who contacted Jeff as a results of visits to their child's school.


ToonSchool the bookClassroom lesson plans Toonschool is a visually superb book that takes a wonderfully unique approach to teaching social, emotional and thinking skills.

Using cartoons Toonschool explores risk taking, empathy, beliefs, listening, spatial thinking, perspective taking and imagination to name a few. The cartoons are all in A4 size for easy viewing. Because the cartoons have been specifically developed around personal development themes for young people, many teachers will find them useful for other classroom purposes.

PS: Toonschool requires NO drawing expertise.

$44.00 per single copy


Joffa – The World's Greatest Cartooning Book 1

Joffa – The World's Greatest Cartooning Book 1The World's Greatest cartooning Book was written as a result of high demand from students and parents once they had experienced the TOONSCHOOL workshops at their schools.

The book continues where the lesson left off, with 75 pages of easy to follow instruction and reinforcement of confidence building text and exercises.

$19.95 per single copy


$13.00 per copy for class set of 25


Joffa – The World's Greatest Cartooning Book 2

Joffa – The World's Greatest Cartooning Book 2Joffa – The World's Greatest Cartooning Book 2 The World's Greatest Cartooning Book 2 was written as a result of even Higher demand, once students had experienced the workshops and had finished Book 1 This book contains more complex drawings to complete and has the added bonus of information about the creatures
and animals the students draw.

Inspirational and Educational.

$19.95 per single copy


$13.00 per copy for class set of 25


Resilience Cards – Values and Attributes

Resilience Cards – Values and AttributesThe cards, written and published by Bob Bellhouse of Inyahead Press offer the classroom teacher a unique perspective in developing values.

Central to building resilience is the development of a sense of purpose and protective behaviors.

These cards are a helpful resource for children to explore these issues in a non-threatening and playful


$46.50 per set

Resilience Cards – Feelings

Resillience Cards – Feelings


Accompanied by a book full with ideas, these cards are a lovely resource for helping children to develop an emotional vocabulary and emotional awareness.


$46.50 per set

These resource books and learning packs are amongst the most popular Teaching and Learning aids available in Australia.

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