Jeff Taylor – (Joffa) – has extensive experience working with staff and students in schools and educational facilities right around Australia.

From inner suburban Melbourne to the dusty goldfields of Kalgoorlie, from the Red Centre to the rugged north coast of Tasmania, from the edges of Kakadu to the bustling inner suburbs of Sydney, the name Joffa' is synonymous with positivity and self belief.

During his travels he has interacted with over 1000 school principals, more than 3000 teachers and approximately 350,000 students and has accumulated extensive knowledge on how schools, no matter how diverse operate.

Although the demographics of the schools he visits are poles apart, one thing is common amongst the Principal and staff – the wellbeing and quality of education to the kids in their care.

The programs he offers to school staff and students is quite unique in its content and presentation.

His anecdotes on the rigors of travel, the diversity of people he has met and how he uses his life experiences make for riveting listening.

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